Where are Century Components products manufactured?

All Century Components products are manufactured in the heart of Ohio's Amish Country by Amish Craftsmen.

What is "Benchmade"?

"Benchmade" refers to the hand-crafting process of our Amish Craftsmen. Every detail is carefully considered by the trained eye these experience professionals, not by a robot programmed to do a set of processes.

Does Century do custom sizing or only select sizes?

YES! Century is the only dedicated kitchen components manufacturer in the United States that offers customized sizing.

What are Century's standard lead-times?

Standared lead-times are 3-5 days for standard products. Custom product orders have a lead-time of 2-3 weeks.

I'm a cabinet manufacturer, where can I buy Century products?

For a complete list of Century Components distributors, visit the distributor locator page, or fill out the contact form for more information.